Truffle Hunting

Would you like to try the experience of "digging" a truffle out of the soil for the first time under the guidance of an expert truffle hunter and his dogs? Would you like to learn all the secrets of Tuscan truffles? Their characteristics, properties, differences, how to store and how to use them?

In a word would you like to enter the mysterious world of the truffle ?
Come on one of the truffle hunting excursions organized on our own land by the “Fattoria di Montaperti”, a working and holiday farm located on the outskirts of Chianti and the Crete Senesi regions, just 10 km from the historic center of Siena, on the site where in 1260 the famous battle of Monteaperti took place

To help you get the best of the companionship of the truffle hunter, a mine of information on truffles, the dogs, the woods and countryside and the local area in general and the friendly, hardworking four legged hunters you will be accompanied by an English speaking interpreter  - generally the interpreter who will also assist you during the cooking classes (Truffle hunt-Cooking class package) and so will be able to give you tips on storing and using the truffles once you get them into the kitchen too.

The hunt usually lasts between 1 to 2 hours depending on the weather and the luck of the hunt!

Prices vary according to season, the type and the availability of the truffles but will approximately range from 60 to 80 Euro for the truffle hunt with a further 50 Euro for the truffle based meal while the truffle hunt.

Cooking class package will vary between € 190 and 210 Euro.